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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services

Late for an appointment? Meeting extended through lunch? Long night at the office? Evening out with your friends? Don't worry about your pet, we'll take care of them.

We are professional and qualified dog walkers, dog sitters, and pet sitters in Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and other cities in Orange County. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

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Complimentary Consultation (30 minutes)

We will visit your home to meet you and become acquainted with your pet, to discuss any pertinent information about your pet, answer questions and review our policy.

Please complete our registration form, which will be discussed during the free consultation. At the consult, please also provide 2 sets of keys, or your garage/entry code. Should you have any questions on the form, please contact us at 855-PBF-PETS.

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Pet Sitting

Includes a 30 minute walk, playtime, feeding, replenish water, brush, clean litter boxes, change potty pads, & give your pets lots of love and attention. We will then also water your plants & collect the mail & newspaper, change lighting & curtains for your home to appear lived-in. The typical length of these visits is 45 - 50 minutes. *An additional fee will be assessed for additional dog.

Cat sitting: Includes all the benefits of pet sitting, minus the walk (30 minutes).

*If you will be gone for more than one day, we require that you schedule at least two visits per day for dogs, one for cats.


Overnight Pet Sitting

Please note that this service is dependent on our availability, and provided that the pet sitter feels comfortable with the environment in which they will be staying. Please contact for more info.

Bedtime Tuck-in

If you have booked a pet-sit service & will be gone for at least 1 night, we now offer a bedtime tuck-in around 8pm. We will let your pooch out for a quick potty break, give a kiss goodnight & make sure that they are safe, happy & relieved for the night. *An additional fee will be assessed for additional dog.

*note: this service is only for clients who have booked us for a  pet-sit service and does not take place of an evening dog walk, nor includes feeding. If you would like us to walk & feed your pooch during an afternoon visit, please select our Dog Walk service.

Daily Dog Walks

Great for those who work long hours & are unable to walk their pooch! Dogs need daily walks to promote good health, ease boredom, and prevent destruction in your home. We will pick up your dog, provide them with a 30 minute walk and provide water. If requested, we will also practice basic training commands such as “sit, stay, heel”. We'll ensure your pet's walking time is enjoyable! *An additional fee will be assessed for additional dog.

Mid-day Potty Stop

A quick 10 – 15 minute lunch time let-out for your pooch. Does not include feeding.
This service is especially beneficial for puppies and senior pets, who need more frequent let-outs. This service is also used as an add-on to pet sitting services, but does not take place of a petsit. *An additional fee will be assessed for additional dog.

Doggy Field Trip

Walks are fun, but sometimes it's great for your socialized pups to go out & play with their friends! Your pet will enjoy time at either the dog park, dog beach or in a group outing.
Note: This service is offered to dogs that are already accustomed to this type of environment, are friendly with other dogs & is to the discretion of the pet care specialist. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations and flea medication.


Nobody wants a stinky pooch. Let us come to your home and bath your pup, or clean them right after their walk. We use all natural shampoos, clean their ears & dry & brush. (nail clipping: per paw, on request)

Pooch's Best Friend Concierge Service (Pet Taxi)

No need for you to take time off of work, or use your lunch break for this errand. We will drop off and pick up your pet from the groomers or vet office — round trip!  (destination must be no more than approximately 5 miles from residence or additional fee will be incurred).

Key Lockbox

We advise you to keep a key lockbox at your home. They are fairly inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. You may purchase from us at time of consult as well. We do not hold keys in our possession.

Veterinarian Technician Services* Excellent to add to your pet sit service!

Nursing Care & Medications

Service options include: administer injections, subcutaneous fluids, oral / topical medications, eye drops, eye cream, ear cleaning, wound cleaning, nail clipping. This service is currently available to specific cities in north Orange County. Your veterinarian must provide written permission and instructions prior to the service.

Pooch's Best Friend Referral Program

Refer us to your friends! If they book a service, you receive a free dog walk (or cat petsit!)


  • Prices subject to change during holidays & holiday weekends
  • If your city is not in our service range, we can still provide for an additional fee, or refer you to another sitter. We also highly recommend Pet Sit Pros, located in Long Beach.
  • We accept payment of Visa & Mastercard
  • Payment is due 30 hours before the scheduled service
  • Cancellations require 30 hour notification from the DATE of service to receive reimbursement for the time & date you reserve. Reservations are not transferrable to another date.
  • Services require at least 30 hrs notice from the START of the day of service, or subject to a late fee. We will try our best to accommodate day-of requests, but cannot guarantee availability.